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Kindra Nikole, “The Liminal”
June 22 – July 21st, 2019
Opening Reception with the Artist: June 22nd, 6-8pm

“The Liminal is an exploration of the realms that exist in the in-between spaces of our world and the next. This is a place that exists neither here nor there—betwixt and between. The creatures and beings that inhabit this space permeate their environment as naturally as a fern grows in a mossy wood. Some of these beings are an exaltation of the places they represent, while others are a warning—a tale of those who looked too long and wandered too far into the unknown. Some have manifested as natural parts of their surroundings, while others stumbled upon regions suffused with magick, finding themselves slowly devoured by the land—becoming one with it.

We are the onlookers visiting their realms if our eyes are open enough to see. These entities seem aloof and impassive to our presence yet they perceive all—welcoming us in warmly, beckoning us nearer with sly expressions, or warning us of our trespass. To glimpse their brilliance may spell a moment of enlightenment, of deeper understanding. Or we might find ourselves entrapped within our own minds.

Catching fleeting glimpses of these ethereal beings, the mind runs wild with stories of who or what they might be—each seems captured in a moment of its own intricate tale. What do they represent? From where do they come? Are they real or imagined? And is there a difference?”

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