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Larysa Bernhardt
“Wanderlust of the Mind”
May 2nd – May 31st, 2020

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Larysa Bernhardt for her mini solo show, “Wanderlust of the Mind”. “Wanderlust of the Mind” is Bernhardt’s first solo show at the gallery and will consist of twelve hand sewn moth sculptures. Larysa states that this collection is about mind traveling. This body of work reflects on current events, while everyone is practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. “Wanderlust of the Mind” represents traveling, not only geographically but also in time. The sculptures are hand sewn and the fabric for each moth has been sourced from around the world, including Pakistan, Belgium and England. The velvet fabric that forms the body of the moth is hand dyed using flower’s from the artist’s garden. Larysa’s creations serve as a metaphorical invitation for our minds to wander and travel as well as a reminder of our connectivity and unique qualities as humans to each other and our natural world.

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