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Laverinne, “Secret Memories”
June 11th through July 10th, 2022

Haven Gallery is honored to present Indonesian based artist, Laverinne, for her second solo show, entitled “Secret Memories” at their new location, 50 Main St., Northport, NY. Laverinne paints elegant and serene watercolor works with inspiration stemming from mythology, Japanese Manga, art history and nature. Each piece offers a whimsical female subject sharing an intimate connection with her animal companions. These delicate subjects merge with their animal counterparts with a vibrant unification of color. Not only do the subjects connect with animals, but also with varying flora, fauna, and magical objects painted in corresponding colors. An admirer can immediately notice a uniform focus of color in each piece. This aids in the idea that all creatures in the work are connected in a meaningful way. Each subject is adorned in grandeur fashions, including detailed headdresses, all flowing effortlessly throughout the composition. Behind Laverinne’s fanciful female characters, Art Deco inspired structures and framework create an awareness of space. Unifying structural elements with organic textures conceive a world that is irresistible to the eye. The exhibitions title, “Secret Memories”, draws attention to the fact that each work contains an item, or a place, that can hold secret memories, such as castles, keys, clocks and lakes. Through her paintbrush, Laverinne can best express the majesty found in the natural world. A particular adoration of the flowers, forestry, animals, and humans are especially honored. Artist Statement: “For the concept, I drew each painting as having an item, or a place, that can have secret memories in it. A castle, that can have a lot of memories when someone makes an important decision inside. A clock that can show a time of a moment that you will never forget. A key that keeps your box of memories. A lake where memories were hiding at the bottom. A moon where the wolves howl brings back all memories into life. And memories of someone that you cherished when you were a black dress, and memories of the vow that you say in your white dress. Finally, a memory of the braveness that is delivered inside of a flower.” -Laverinne

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