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“Tetralogy” Group Show
June 11th through July 10th, 2022

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Tetralogy”, a group exhibition inviting artists to explore a quartet of four as their theme, and in turn, creating four works to embody those aspects. Subjects span from elements of time, such as the four seasons and notable times of the day, to palette and breed variations as well as differing patterns of human interactions. Each series harmoniously works as one while allowing for each individual artwork to stand on its own as well. Exhibiting artists include: Alex Garant, John Lally, Kaysha Siemens, Orphné Achéron, Valerie Savarie, Paige Carpenter, Calvin Laituri, Zoe Williams, Valéry VECU-Quitard, Marc Le Rest, Vince Natale, Zoe Chigi, Brian Mashburn, Chris Mars and Nikolas Tower

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