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Mahlimae “Shadowlands”

November 3 – December 8th, 2018

“For many, culture teaches us from early infancy to split or polarize light and dark – ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘active’ and ‘passive’, ‘expression’ and repression’. As such, the birth of our individual consciousness is crafted upon a crossroads, forming a great dichotomy within our psyche that splinters more deeply with the passing years. With societal expectations those psychic elements we deem inferior, unacceptable or evil within ourselves become incompatible with our conscious attitudes and are denied expression in life; they are inhibited, cast aside and forced to take refuge within the darkest crevices of our unconscious selves where they contort, sorcerise and grow blacker.
Shadowlands is an intimate gathering of manifestations of the twilight and in-between places; hidden things possessed of light and shadow exposed, as mahlimae attempts to reconnect with her disowned self, making the darkness conscious once again.”
 – Mahlimae 

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