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Creating work using traditional methods drives me each day in the studio: mixing colors, working with my hands and making new discoveries. I work primarily with gouache on watercolor paper, a medium I had fallen in love with early on due to it’s rich colors and smooth matte finish.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in the early 2000’s, my journey as a working artist began in children’s publishing, comics and working with licensed properties. Along the way I started designing art textiles on the side, creating unique hand painted fabric designs for clothing and fashion accessories, which recently has developed into my own line of wearable art. After several years working on commercial art, there was a strong pull to satisfy the need to paint themes and subject matter that spoke to me personally as an artist. Taking the skills I learned while creating images for commercial clients and applying that to making my own little paintings that told their own story has been of great importance to me for artistic growth.

The past inspires me and what I create, old cartoons, Halloween antiques to old picture books, or even just a scrap of colorful vintage fabric…there’s something special about these old treasures and the care that went into creating them. To conjure up feelings of nostalgia and whimsy through image making is most certainly my goal as an artist, to preserve a little piece of the past through my own eyes and with my own voice.

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