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Marc Le Rest, “Samurais and Courtesans”
February 26th – March 27th, 2022.

Haven Gallery is pleased to present a collection of ten new paintings from French artist Marc Le Rest for his first solo show entitled “Samurais and Courtesans”. Marc is known for his vibrant, grandiose portraits realistically rendered in oil, highlighting fashions through the ages as they adorn and regale his sitters. “Samurais and Courtesans” distinctly centers on animal portraits, specifically monkeys and tigers, as they appear in majestic poses imbuing elegance and knowing confrontation. Highly inspired by historic portraiture, Marc’s sitters are poised and noble. They acknowledge the viewer in a bold and resplendent manner evoking royal and aristocratic roots found throughout art historical depictions of the nobility in art. With his professional background in fashion, a remarkable representation of fabric, form, pattern work and texture of the highest class further aggrandize his sitters. Moreover, an understanding of the identifying attributes of styles, colors and fabrics in fashion to ones social standing or home region, is clearly acknowledged as well throughout the artists paintings. Marc’s work demonstrates a strong grasp on history, fashion and art, while gracefully acknowledging nature through his animal sitters, remarking on the influence of the latter, the beauty of all creatures and perhaps, tastefully equating the importance of all life on earth.

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