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Zoe Chigi, “Not So Far from Reality”
February 26th – March 27th, 2022.

Haven Gallery is pleased to present a collection of ten new paintings from Zoe Chigi for her first solo show entitled “Not So Far from Reality”. Zoe’s paintings incorporate conceptual realism, pop-surrealism and traditional still-life styles in a uniquely exuberant brand of narrative art. This collection includes a variety of acrylic paintings on canvas, all within beautifully designed golden and/or glass frames. Genteel details are offered with a touch of fantasy and playfulness, bringing admirers back to bygone times. Their whimsical nature transports you into a fairytale world full of animals and objects of lore. Each sitter comes alive with animated expressions and gesticulation, ready to become an onlooker’s familiar. Their counterparts, opulent antique objects, find themselves similarly showcased in a fantastical way, uniting these delicate inanimates with their frolicsome critters. Through this intermixing of worlds Zoe’s paintings retell stories of love, adventure, and magic. About: Zoe Chigi is a free-lance artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She was born and raised in Italy, completing her art education as a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. With her schooling of classical training, she utilizes old master techniques in her works such as underpainting and glazing. Zoe paints with both mediums of oil and acrylic paint. Zoe has exhibited her art at Haven Gallery before in six group shows within the past two years. Her body of work is a perfect example of mixing figurative compositions with surrealist storytelling. Artist statement: “My work is quite figurative at first glance but there is a lot of surrealism and modern concepts inside, like keys hidden in a canvas…”

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