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October 24th – November 28th, 2020

A survey and reinterpretation of the movements in art focused on reviving inspiration from antiquity. Inspiration for work may be derived from all forms of the arts including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, theatre, architecture, music and literature.

Artists include:
June Leeloo, Mao Hamaguchi, Lori Earley, Crystal Morey, Matt Dangler, Raul Guerra, Daria Theodora, Howard Lyon, Phoenix Chan, Illaria del Monte, Lily Seika Jones, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Nikolas Tower, Kristin Kwan, Kseniia Boko, Steeven Salvat, Calvin Laituri, Yousake Kawashima, Julien Delval, Victoria Steel, Sui Yumeshima, Lesley Thiel, Carlos Fdez, Valentina Toma, John Lally & Jesus Aguado
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