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Omar Rayyan, “Various and Sundry”
Exhibition runs: August 26th – September 24th, 2023

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Various and Sundry”, a collection of new, enchanting paintings by Omar Rayyan. “Various and Sundry” features thirteen oils inspired by traditional techniques and historical influences intermingled with Rayyan’s playful wit and captivating, imaginative, musings. Mythological beings, anthropomorphic frogs and rococo ladies pose and frolic, bemusing and charming the viewer with their eccentricities and contrarian pairings. Rayyan’s mastery of paint is rooted in old fashioned subjects with delightful influences of storytelling stemming from his successful career in illustration. The pairing of the two result in strong narratives emphasized by adept compositions, bringing a contemporary balance to his work and a familiarization of the past.

About Omar Rayyan.

Omar Rayyan is a Massachusetts artist who is known for his illustrations of fantasy, fairy tales, and folklore. The bucolic surroundings of his year-round home on Martha’s Vineyard compliment and help inspire his imagery.
Rayyan’s works are known for their consummate painting techniques harking back to the the great oil painters of the Northern Renaissance and the Romantic and Symbolist painters of the 19th century such as Rembrandt, de Hooch, van Dyck, Rubens, Bruegel. Rayyan also cites John Singer Sargent, Arthur Rackham, and Persian miniatures as having an effect on his work. His works juxtapose these “old world” aesthetics with contemporary wit and whim. Mythological characters, woodland creatures, fashionable socialites, curious children and famous beasts take the stage in playful compositions that evoke a sense of wonder and humor.

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