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Phillip Singer
September 19th – October 17th, 2020


Haven Gallery is honored to present “Sanctuary”, a solo show of oil paintings by the 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Winner, Phillip Singer. “Sanctuary” consists of eight original artworks that feature various species of animals cavorting in both the landscape and within interior spaces. The imaginative worlds found in Singer’s work bend reality and beckon the viewer to re-think life and the world itself. This is so beautifully achieved by the artist’s brilliant use of natural color, a fine dedication to detail, and an approach to painting found most notably within old master artwork. It is through the merging of the known and unknown by Singer’s hand, that we are presented with a sanguine and tranquil depiction of our natural world.


Singer’s surreal twist on what we know and have been conditioned to understand invigorates our imagination and expands our understanding of reality. Notions of surrealism intermingle with reflections on environmental change and highlight the adaptation of life and expression of hope. These visuals and their stories are a reminder to us, as humans, to think beyond what is directly in front of us and open our hearts and minds to the possibilities of not just the world around us, but that within ourselves.

Artist Statement:

“My attraction to the absurdity of surrealism has never been stronger.
People always ask if the paintings represent dreams that I’ve had. They do not, but I wish they did. They are, however, a culmination of a relentless question. “What if situations really occurred like this?” I am constantly looking at the objects around me and juxtaposing them to subtly call attention to an aspect of reality that we haven’t thought of before. I mentally toss ideas in the air, and eventually something connects. It might be just an interest in the main subject or it might be related to something going on in the world at large.
I am currently drawn to science and reason as it tries to explain the the world around us. I find great comfort there. For me science is a sanctuary of sorts. These paintings provide me with hope that in a world that seems absurd, there is a way forward.”


“I have only just begun to create the art I have always dreamed of.” — Phillip Singer


Phillip Singer was always fascinated by the beauty, as well as the individuality, of fine art. As a child, his early impressions and inspiration came from the few art books his parents’ had on hand. The work of great masters and famous illustrators captured his young imagination. Encouraged by his parents and teachers, Singer eventually earned a full scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York. “Art was one thing I was truly passionate about. I wasn’t sure if I could ever be good enough to be a professional artist, but the challenge gave me focus and direction in my life.”

While studying at the School of Visual Arts, Singer was included in the Society of Illustrators student show, and won the school’s portfolio cover competition in his senior year. His professional illustration career started the day after graduation and spanned the last 15 years. His illustrations include over 100 book covers for Avon-Harper Collins, Warner Books, and Simon & Schuster. Singer had done numerous magazine illustrations for clients such as National Geographic Magazine, and created promotional illustrations for international corporations such as
Celestial Seasonings Tea and Merck. His work has been selected many times to participate in
the prestigious Society of Illustrators Annual Award Show.


But could a successful illustrator transition to the world of fine art? Singer took the plunge and the Singer Fine Art Collection made its debut in 1999 at a handful of fine art festivals on the East Coast. Featuring original oil paintings and limited-edition prints, the meticulous attention to detail of the paintings is reminiscent of the old masters, but the imaginative, surrealistic subject matter is truly unique. “I like to paint living things which breathe and pulse with life and place them in curious situations. I think the juxtaposition creates a thought-provoking sense of surreal- ism. But the image of the painting is only half the equation. The other half is technique. With every painting, I try to emulate the awe-inspiring vivid beauty and breath-taking dimension achieved by the old masters. This is why I believe I have only just begun to create the art I have always dreamed of.”


Singer is now strictly a fine artist with a discerning, growing following. “I like to see some- thing new every time I look at a painting. That’s why in each painting I create, I strive for beauty, yet hope the audience also finds it challenging, bold, smart, funny, and imaginative. When you find the ‘unexpected’ in a piece of art, that makes it worth taking home.”

Singer recently was awarded the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize in September 2020.

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