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Joseph Weinreb
“We’re Not Meant to Remember”
September 19th – October 17th, 2020


Haven Gallery is pleased to present “We’re Not Meant to Remember”, a solo show of original work by Northport based artist Joseph Weinreb. “We’re Not Meant to Remember” is Weinreb’s first solo show at the gallery and will consist of 12 oil paintings exhibiting narratives ingrained in both history and mythology, that are presented in non linear and phantasmagorical constructs. Weinreb’s work is known for its fusion of three time periods: the past, present and future. Bygone eras and lives intermingle with contemporary events while echoes of the future, specifically the human connection to space exploration, send ripples through our understanding of memory and time. Weinreb begs both himself and his viewer to question their own perception of sequential events and how our own memories alter our perception and being. What we retain, how these recollections change as they are passed down and how much they transform in the individual’s mind, are factors of consideration and contemplation. A questioning of how much we truly remember and why, is toyed with and explored through Weinreb’s body of work.


Time is a major theme found throughout this collection and the artists portfolio. Phases of life are represented through skeletal beings, futuristic landscapes, ebullient and strong female personifications and abundances of nature, resulting in a distortion of linear sequences. He links all of these elements together in these deeply personal yet universally manifested narratives that asks us, as humans, to rethink what we know and break down our personal tenets and convictions. Weinreb’s playful juxtaposition of the past with echoes of the future, bridge the gap between what we as humans have learned and what remains beyond our purview during contemporary times.


Joseph Weinreb was born in New York in 1984. He is a self taught oil painter who finds inspiration from the work of the Old Masters, the Surrealists, comics, anime and science fiction. He has exhibited in galleries within the US for the last five years.
Weinreb’s work harks back to the past in both technique and theme. Each painting consists of multiple layers and glazing techniques that build up and develop his lifelike yet stylized surfaces. His work is known for its nebulous depiction of a time neither here nor there that challenges our own perception of memory and reality.
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