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Takahiro Imai “Paradox”
December 17th – January 14th, 2022
Northport, NY–

Haven Gallery is honored to present “Paradox”, a solo show of new work from Japan based artist Takahiro Imai. “New Works” is Takahiro’s first solo show at the gallery and features his classically painted, stylized female sitters as they playfully confront the viewer, extending an invitation to join in on their follies and amusements. Youthful in appearance and dressed in Lolita style fashions, Takahiro’s girls are whimsical and buoyant. His traditional portraits are laced with art historical techniques such as chaiscurro while embracing elements of Japanese fashion, purity and the visual prominence of anime and manga subcultures; a beautiful merging of the east and west, resulting in museum quality portraiture and cultural explorations. Artist Statement ….well… the concept of this solo show is not very new but my best important base for painting. It’s the challenge for reality especially female protagonists in the looks like fairy tale. In this solo show,piercing fascinating strongly eyes of some girls are exactly what I want to do. They are looking strongly to you in the real world. But which world us real? They are acting with strong-will in their real world. TAKAHIRO IMAI 1986 Born in GUNMA 2009 Graduate from Tama Art University 2010 HAKUJITU PRIZE by Hakujitsukai Art Exhibition 2018 ”Takahiro IMAI Art Book – Radical Classic -” (Artistic Newspaper) 〈 Solo Exhibition 〉 2008 Solo Exhibition (ORIE Gallery / Aoyama, Tokyo) 2009 - Radical Classic – (TAIMEI Contemporary Art / Ginza, Tokyo) 2010 - Merry rays – (TAIMEI Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo) 2012 - MARGINAL BLACK – (TAIMEI Contemporary Art / Ginza, Tokyo) 2013 - variations infinity- (ART FAIR TOKYO / Yurakucho, Tokyo) 2014 - elemental craft – (TAIMEI Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo) 2014 SOLITARY GIRL by IMAI (Nikei FINE ART, Singapore) 2016 LA ART SHOW (LA CONVENTION CENTER / Los Angeles, U.S.A) 2017 - Old Habits – (Mitsukoshi Department store / Nihonbashi, Tokyo) 2018 - Novel Habits – (Hankyu Department store / Umeda, Osaka)     2019 Art Book Publication commemoration Exhibition (TAIMEI Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo) 2019 Art Book Publication commemoration Exhibition (Fukuya Department store / Hatyobori, Hiroshima) 2021 - Chronostasis – (JR Nagoya Takashimaya Department store / Nagoya, Aichi) 2022 Collection Exhibition – (HOKUBU Memorial Picture Museum / Sapporo, Hokkaido) 2022 – Modern Almagest – (Mitsukoshi Department store / Sapporo, Hokkaido) 〈 Selected Group Exhibition 〉 2008 Hakujitsukai Art Exhibition (The National Art Center / Tokyo) After that it is every year 2009 Asuno HAKUJITIKAI Exhibition (Nihombashi, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2011 Young Art TAIPEI (Taipei, TAIWAN) 2011 LIONCEAUX PLUS Exhibition (Nihombashi, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2012 Art Beijing (Beijing, CHINA) 2012 Tarot Card Original Picture Exhibition (TAIMEI Gallery / Ginza, Tokyo) 2013 REALISM COMPLEX Exhibition (Nagoya, Aichi / Shibuya, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2014 Hakujitsukai Selected Art Exhibition (Nihombashi, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2014  Avenir Exhibition (Nihombashi, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2015 REALISM COMPLEX GRAND FINAL -THE NEXUS- Exhibition (Yokohama, Kanagawa) 2015 Yamanokai Exhibition (Nagoya, Aichi) 2015 Hakujitsukai Dessan Exhibition (Ginza, Tokyo)After that it is every year 2016 LIONCEAUX RENAISSANCE Exhibition (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) After that it is every year 2017 ”Academy Nakayama in Tateshina” 10th Anniversary Exhibition(Ginza, Tokyo) 2017 ”Bijinga borderless” publication commemorative exhibition(Nihombashi, Tokyo) 2020 Bijinga borderless exhibition(Nihombashi, Tokyo) 2020 E.O exhibition of artists from Tama Art University(Nihombashi, Tokyo) 2020 Hakutoukai Exhibition(Osaka, Osaka) 2021 Lewis Carroll Group Show(Haven Gallery / NY) 2021 SCOPE MIAMI ART FAIR(Miami, U.S.A) 〈 Collection 〉 HOKUBU Memorial Picture Museum / Sapporo, Hokkaido

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