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Zoe Chigi, “A Curious Collection”
February 25th – March 26th, 2023

Haven Gallery is honored to present Spain based artist Zoe Chigi for her second solo show at the gallery, “A Curious Collection”. “A Curious Collection” is comprised of ten acrylic paintings featuring the artists quintessential animal sitters amidst treasures of antiques, books, collectibles and plants, forming their own potpourri of riches. Nodding to historical motifs such as cabinets of curiosities or Wunderkammers, and famed artist Joseph Cornell, whose fine art paid homage to these curiosity cabinets, Chigi’s work celebrates historical undertones with a colorful, contemporary twist. About Zoe Chigi: Zoe Chigi is a free-lance artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She was born and raised in Italy, completing her art education as a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. With her schooling of classical training, she utilizes old master techniques in her works such as underpainting and glazing. Zoe paints with both mediums of oil and acrylic paint. Zoe has exhibited her art at Haven Gallery before in six group shows within the past two years. Her body of work is a perfect example of mixing figurative compositions with surrealist storytelling. Artist statement: “My work is quite figurative at first glance but there is a lot of surrealism and modern concepts inside, like keys hidden in a canvas…”

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