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“Pareidolia Monomania”
May 6th – June 4th, 2023

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Japan based artist C7 for her first solo show, “Pareidolia Monomania”, at the gallery. C7 is a mixed media artist whose works are created with ink, coffee and acrylic medium on panel and explore the human condition as well as themes of life and death. Abstract yet representational, these drawings offer fragmented, patterned views of organisms offering new perspectives and understandings on both the macro and micro levels. Viscera intermingles with flora and fauna as our realities are reinvented and our inner worlds are turned inside out. Liminal spaces host entangled organisms, giving rise to psychological epiphanies and evolution of inner beings. C7 reveals her own emotions through exposing vulnerabilities of the inner psyche and dreamscapes where surrealistic expressions and timeless internal mechanics expose the detailed complexities of ourselves and the further fragmentation of it through our perspectives.

Artist Statement
Through the filter of the brain where we only see and hear conscious things,
We interpret our respective realities.
So the past accumulated will exist in the same world without disappearing,
Familiar shapes, sounds, and smells suddenly appear before you at unusual timing.

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