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Jon Ching, “Terra Brio”
May 6th – June 4, 2023.

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Hawaiian born artist Jon Ching for his first second show at the gallery entitled, “Terra Brio”. “Terra Brio” will consist of nine new oil paintings featuring his vibrant, realistic animal and botany portraits with a focus on core elements such as gems, crystals, minerals and the elements. Essentially building blocks of our planet, and core components of existence, these ingredients are key to our world and life itself. Ching expands his artistic focus to go beyond incorporating the visually common characters in our natural world and challenges himself and his viewer to take in and appreciate often overlooked aspects of creation.

One may find the presence of crystals cleverly painted as raindrops, feathers and animal anatomy as well as naturally occurring throughout the landscape. Often seen as inanimate, these aspects live through all life forms as fundamental components of existence. With a meticulous hand, Ching seamlessly weaves these building blocks of life into his subjects, acknowledging and celebrating the important roles they play, and reminding viewers of their often disregarded existence, integral to the survival and flourish of both our planet and all living things.

Artist Statement:
This new set of paintings introduces a new direction of appreciation for the natural world that I haven’t really explored much yet. My work is always a celebration of life on this planet, yet I realized that I haven’t shown much appreciation for the actual planet, not just what’s on it. A visit with my young son to the Gem and Mineral Hall at the LA Natural HIstory Museum at the beginning of concepting this show solidified that. Gems, crystals, minerals – to me they’re the manifestation of the magic of this planet and represent Earth itself. Some of the new work explores ways to highlight that magic. It’s resulted, in my opinion, to some quieter pieces as the gems are highlighted rather than a charismatic animal. Beside crystal magic, I’m continuing to comment on climate change.

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