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Folklore Group Show
April 6th – May 5th, 2019
Opening Reception April 6th, 6-8 PMAn exhibition that looks to the folklore of various cultures and uses inspiration from these tales to create a visual translation.
Jason A Mowry, Zoe Williams, Amy Sol, June Leeloo, Tracy Lewis, Joseph Weinreb, Gustavo Rimada, Garry Buckley, Claudia Griesbach-Martucci, Criminy, Gretchen Lewis, Daria Aksenova, Stephanie Buscema, Sam Guay, Aniela Sobieski, Candie Bolton, Meagan Magpie Rodgers, Adam Oehlers, Amy Minchew, Jel ENa, Julia Gabrielov and Erika Taguchi-Newton
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