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Syd Bee, “Dear Illusions”
April 6th – May 5th, 2019
Opening Reception with the Artist: April 6th, 6-8 PM

I adore tales of love, loss, mystery, and magic and I believe in the valuable lessons to be found in the depths and lore of such stories.

With my new series “Dear Illusions”, I’ve created a selection of works which delve into themes that are close to me. This collection of dreamlike vignettes are populated with children, witches, animals and otherworldly creatures, set within curious circumstances as my way of making sense of the harsh strangeness of real life.

I often rely on dreams, journaling, and poetry as inspiration for my work. The foundation for this new series in particular came about after a personally trying year, which led to some questions and observations about the nature of art-making and its purpose in my life. Wanting to continue my ongoing exploration of bittersweet visual storytelling, I’ve also chosen to expand my creative process to include more atmospheric imagery and refined materials across several mediums.

– Syd Bee

Syd Bee is an emerging artist from Seattle, focused on dreamy candy-colored paintings of figures lost in their own inner worlds. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the US. Syd has also been featured on the cover of The Stranger, and created comic book covers for Adventure Time.
Bee earned her Bachelor of Fine Art magna cumlaude from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013. She lives and works in Seattle, where she can be found surrounded by a library of fairy tales, comic books, and her cats.

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