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Laverinne, “The story inside the brooch, behind a window”
April 1 – 30th, 2023
Haven Gallery is honored to present Indonesian based artist, Laverinne, for her third solo show, entitled “The story inside the brooch, behind a window” at the gallery. “The story inside the brooch, behind a window” is a visual interpretation of memory illustrating one’s personal emotions and tales with flowers and animals. The use of flora and fauna to accompany the artists female protagonists expands the narrative through their symbolic motifs; a technique used throughout art history and literature to enhance the story. Laverinne’s application of watercolor is delicate, almost gossamer, with bursts of contrast and color saturation, resulting in a gyration of reverie. Her jewel tone palette evokes gemstones, remarking the exhibition title itself, reminding one of a brooch or heirloom, dear to ones heart. Female figures dance with color and gradient, connecting to a world of symbiosis and flourishment. Highly ornate and detailed framework adorn and enrich the intimacy of each composition, encapsulating these precious moments as the unique treasures that they are. Artist Statement: There’s always one story that so dear for everyone,that they always keep close to their heart. They put its story inside the brooch so they can keep it near their heart. it can be a beautiful story, the wisdom of their life, or a sad story that keep them moving forward. I draw animals here as the symbol of each story. While the window is a way to looks inside and outside, where we can tell our story and we can hear someone story through it. We can also close it and keep our story, or open it to others.

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